Bridgetown Lawn Bowling Club

The Bridgetown Lawn Bowling Club is looking forward to an enjoyable year of fun and activity. The game is both easy and challenging to play! Cost to play for new members $75.00 and junior members $40.00. All equipment required is supplied. Flat soled footwear is required. If interested please phone Milledge or Connie Sheridan at 665-2795 or drop in at the club at any time and speak to a member.

Located at:

72 Chipman Avenue
Bridgetown, Nova Scotia

B0S 1C0 Canada

Tel: 902-665-2795

Lawn bowling is a relatively easy game to play but it is played at various skill levels. You will find this weekend we will be treated to a higher skill level then the average club level.

However, the game is played in the same manner whether it be in competition or at a club level and can be enjoyed by everyone.

In lawn bowling:

– teams consist of 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 players
– the game consists of a certain number of ends and are predetermined prior to the start
– a coin is flipped prior to the start of each game to determine who bowls first
– a mat is placed on the green and each bowler must stand on this while delivering his/her bowls
– the team going first delivers (rolls) a jack (white ball) up the green a minimum/maximum distance from the mat
– each member of the team delivers his/her bowls in an effort to reach the jack
– this is done on an alternating basis
– once all the bowls have been delivered by each team the score for that end is determined
– score is based on which bowl (or team bowls) are closest to the jack
– once the score is determined the bowls are moved and the next end begins as before
– the team scoring the highest number of points after all the ends are played is declared the winner

The above covers the basis for how the game of lawn bowls is played. There are other rules or variations to the above which apply. These serve as guidelines to playing the game and makes the game even more interesting and challenging.

Like anything else a person does the more you play the game the more one understands the rules and improves their skill level. The lawn bowlers you are watching today started at the beginning and have improved as they participated at club levels.

Our club provides the opportunity for anyone to participate and enjoy this game.


Simply show up at the club on Monday and/or Wednesday evenings at 7 pm wearing flat soled footwear (no heels). All other equipment (bowls, etc.) is provided.

Names are drawn in a way to ensure each team consists of experienced and inexperienced bowlers.

Cost of bowling is very reasonable. Bowling on September 14 – 19 – 21 – 26 – 28 is free for anyone who wishes to try the game.

New membership for May to September next year is $75.00 for the season.

Want to have some fun? Give lawn bowling a try!